I don't know two couples that love the same way. Your wedding should be uniquely yours. So if 50 people sounds like a dream come true, I got ya . To only be surrounded by the people you cherish most, the people who witnessed you two grow into this love story, sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe your guest list is as little as three—you, the love of your life, and me. Keeping it small creates space to slow down, thoughtfully connect, and be fiercely present. And your photographs will freeze those moments, people, and feelings in time—so you can revisit them for decades.

Where you lead I will follow anywhere...

If you need, you need me to be with you

I will follow where you lead.....Did I take it to far. I just love Gilmore Girls.

Backyards, mountaintops, courthouses, or your living room — I’ll follow your love anywhere.

It doesn’t matter whether 50 of your nearest and dearest or a field of wild honeysuckle are in attendance. Whether we’re in your backyard or in the mountains. Your love story will be told as you imagined. So tell me… do I need a full gas tank, a passport, or a boat ticket?