i’m the person behind the camera

I’ll guide you through the entire process

On the most vulnerable day of your life it should feel like every single soul in attendance is there to celebrate and uplift your love — your photographer is no exception. So… I guess the only thing left to do is become friends!
We’ll thrive off of mutual awkwardness, have so much fun you’ll forget about the camera, and exchange little pieces of ourselves. That way you’ll have one extra friend in the room when you need a little help, a little smile, and just a little more love on your wedding day.

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Let's be friends

Do you hear that ????

It is my contact form calling your name.

I want to gather your information and get your story.

Choose your Adventure

This is where we hop on a Let's go through my packages and find one that really works for you.

AKA: bob the builder-

if you don't see what you need lets build a custom package just as unique as you are.

How can I serve you

Prior to your day I’ll be in communication with you and or your planner. I will draft up a day of timeline based you. I'll be what you need be to be, your dress holder, hair fixer, dance partner, hype girl.


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Some of my favorite elopements and trips from this year

Some of my favorite elopements and trips from this year

If you could get married anywhere, where would that be?